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Post-Vaccination Photo Shoots

I celebrated our household being fully vaccinated with a couple of photo shoots in the Spring of 2021. Inspired by the prompts in the aforementioned 52 Photographs project, I lined up shoots with Sarah, Abbie, and Jodi as models. The first prompt was to photograph a model (or models) in front of a colorful backdrop. The original plan was to have some fun in front of some Isaiah Zagar murals, but I ended up opting for our family room curtains and pocketing the mosaic idea for a later prompt. The second directive was to photograph a bridge. Originally, I planned on heading down to Penn's Landing and snapping shots of the Ben Franklin Bridge. But I called an audible and once again had Sarah and Abbie strike a few poses, this time on that amazing pedestrian bridge that connects Brewerytown to Fairmount Park. You can check out the colorful backdrop shoot here, the bridge shoot here, and the 52 Photographs Flickr group here and enjoy a sampling of the photos from both shoots below!


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