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Emerging Museum Professionals

I was asked to join the Philadelphia Emerging Museum Professionals (EMP) group in 2011 after speaking on one of their panel discussions. Shortly after joining the team, I took the lead on developing their programs, running their website and social media, and designing their logo. In 2016, I merged the EMP group with the Museum Council of Greater Philadelphia. After this merger I became a Museum Council board member and the official chair of their EMP committee.

A major part of the work I did with Philly EMP was the creation and implementation of the Hire Learning program. Hire Learning included several resume, cover letter, and portfolio workshops, practice interviews, panel discussions, and conference recaps over the years, and culminated with a one-day symposium in March of 2017 entitled What's Next.

As the leader of the most active EMP group in the country, I was asked to join the board of the National EMP Network. I serve on the website committee, and am one of the founding board members at the National EMP Network has recently incorporated as a nonprofit.

Following What's Next, I created job posting requirements for the Philly EMP website in an effort to force employers to be more transparent when hiring. In the months since, both the Museum Council and Museum Hack have credited this change as inspiring them to alter their own requirements for job announcements.

To learn more about Hire Learning, check here and here.

To learn more about What's Next, check here.

The images on the right are samples of the graphic design I have done for both Philly EMP and the National EMP Network.

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