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52 Photographs Challenge

I have always enjoyed photography challenges - from my 2008/09 attempt at 365 self portraits to a simple week of black and white photos just a couple of years ago. I find that these challenges encourage me to use my camera more, get creative, and challenge me to stay on top of a regularly recurring (but fun) assignment.

I have spent the last few weeks looking for a good set of prompts to follow in 2021, but kept coming up short. So I decided to create my own challenge in hopes that folks will join in, leaving us with a host of snazzy photographs to enjoy over the next year.

The challenge will live on Flickr, but will probably spill over to Instagram and other social media outlets from time to time. You can join the 52 Photographs Flickr Group to participate and check out the list of prompts to start thinking about the photos you will take over the next year. Happy shooting!


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