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Sugary Sweet

Thanks to Neil Young and eve 6, I finally am getting rid of Spotfiy. Thankfully, there is a platform that offers everything I liked about Spotify but with higher per stream payouts for artists and better audio quality. On top of that, I can stop giving my money to some willfully ignorant pseudo celebrity pushing his cult of personality on folks who struggle with nuance and common sense. So today, everything is moving over to Tidal and to celebrate that, I'm sharing a Tidal playlist today!

Since this week's 52 Weeks of Creativity theme is sweetness, I'm sharing the Sugary Sweet playlist that I put together in 2020 after one of Questlove's Instagram Live DJ sets. When I tuned in, he was playing "Sugar" by Stevie Wonder, and that led me down a rabbit hole of sweet songs. For those participating in the 52 Weeks fun, there are a lot of options for this week's song in this playlist!


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