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Squeeze Me by Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen’s flair for the bizarre is the perfect match for this exceptionally erratic time we live in. Hiaasen’s Florida, an offbeat mix of peril and paradise, managed to match a reality that in recent years has continually threatened to out-weird his surrealist take on the Sunshine State. Fans of Hiaasen’s previous work might think they can imagine how a growing number of pythons, a despicable group of wealthy republican sycophants, and the worst president in American history converge with the beloved and bedraggled ex-governor Tyree, but they’d be hard pressed to imagine something as grand as this latest romp through the absurdity that only Florida can provide.


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Verb. 1) Pertaining to the behavior of being a Wittwer. 2) Doing odd things that only Wittwers would do. 3) Catchall phrase for the thoughts and actions of Patrick Wittwer.

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