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In the fall of 2020, I became a first-time homeowner. Once I moved past the shock of that actually happening, my wife and I got to work on making our new house into our home. As we finish rooms and projects, I'll detail them here. But for now, as we are still very much in the earlier stages of home improvement, I wanted to share something simple that has really brightened up the room that will eventually serve as my office space.

Inspired by a Pinterest post I saw years ago, I decided to add a splash of color to the room by decorating the outlet covers with sharpies. For the colorful parts, I used chisel tip and mostly used ultra fine point for the black outlines (though a regular fine point worked in some places). The first outlet cover was modeled pretty closely after the Pin, but once I was comfortable with the process and result, I improvised for the second and third. As I have time between work, teaching, and other house projects, I'm sure I'll do the rest of the outlet covers in the office!


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