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Boho Yarn Art

In our continuing quest to spruce up what, for the first several months in our new home, was known as the "Trash Porch," we discovered a random nail in the brick façade. Instead of pulling it, an idea of some sort of colorful macramé type of thingy to go there got stuck in my head. I perused Pinterest and Etsy looking for something to do the job but, in the end, I decided to make it on my own.

I originally planned to paint an old wire hanger for the base, but at the last minute decided to wrap the hanger in washi tape. I had purchased three rolls of yarn, all multicolored, and began tying them to the hanger. Some got braided, some strands went on individually, and some went on six at a time. The final product is a very colorful wall hanger that pops in front of the brick wall on which it hangs and adds a fun focal point on our porch. To see more of the adventures in updating the porch and other parts of the house, check out @MakingWittsEnd on Instagram.


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