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Breakfast Bombs

These tasty little morsels first crossed my plate at my parents' house several Christmases ago, but I have grown to love them for camping. Ever since a severely rained upon camping excursion in 2017, I have switched to precooking meals to reheat over the fire, and this one is the perfect way to start your day in the wilderness.


  • Crescent roll dough (2 cans)

  • 4 eggs, scrambled

  • Bacon, 8 strips

  • Your cheese of choice, shredded


  1. Fry the bacon, and save the grease. It’s delicious and can be used to cook with later.

  2. Use a little of the aforementioned bacon grease and scramble your eggs.

  3. Combine two crescent roll triangles into one rectangle - you should end up with eight rectangles

  4. Sprinkle your preferred amount of cheese on your doughy rectangles

  5. Top the cheese with one strip of bacon and some eggs

  6. Wrap up your breakfast bombs and seal all of the ingredients inside the dough

  7. Bake crescent rolls as directed

Camping Directions

  1. After letting the bombs cool, wrap them in foil and store them in something that is watertight

  2. Store the watertight container in your cooler

  3. When you get a good fire going, toss the foil packs on a grill close to the flame

  4. Turn and flip frequently and, within a few minutes, they should be hot and ready to devour!

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