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1 Second Everyday 2021

I love documenting things. It's why I almost constantly have a photo project going, why I'm always writing, and why I love the 1 Second Everyday app. I first used the app in 2017/18, when I used it to propose to Sarah. No exciting ending for this one, but it was fun documenting a strange year! I particularly enjoy watching the videos go from mostly the two of us in the house to eventually being around other people and adding Hank to the household. A few friends were inspired to try their hands at 1SE this year, I can't wait to see what they come up with!


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Verb. 1) Pertaining to the behavior of being a Wittwer. 2) Doing odd things that only Wittwers would do. 3) Catchall phrase for the thoughts and actions of Patrick Wittwer.

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