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This project is designed to boost creativity, positivity, and self-image over the course of the year through weekly prompts. The prompts are broken down in four parts:


  • Photography Challenge on Flickr

    • ​This rotates every four weeks between a portrait (self portrait or a model), still life, one word inspiration, and then any photo you like. Share these photos in the 52 Photographs Flickr group!

  • Journal entries

    • These will vary from reflections, memories, hopes, ideas, sketches, doodles, and more!​

  • A playlist

    • Start a new playlist in the first week of January and you will be prompted to add a new song each week!​

  • Extra prompts for the journal and/or arts & crafts projects

    • These prompts will range from artsy fun to crafty projects to time with friends to sending mail and more!​



Throughout the year, we will gather a few times either virtually or in person to connect and share some of the art we've created. There will also be opportunities to send and receive mail (hooray for mail that's not bills). At the end of the year, you will have a journal, a playlist, 52 photos, a few pieces of mail, and a collection of artwork to look back on and enjoy.

Keep up with the 52 Weeks of Creativity Themes.

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Verb. 1) Pertaining to the behavior of being a Wittwer. 2) Doing odd things that only Wittwers would do. 3) Catchall phrase for the thoughts and actions of Patrick Wittwer.

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