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Week 7/52

The overarching theme for week 7 of 52 Weeks of Creativity is love. Sometimes you have to go for the obvious ones. But this is also the week for our first paintings, which I am very excited about. We're having a few friends over this weekend for a Double Feature and we'll be doing our paintings as we enjoy the films.

Photo: (One Word Inspiration) Love

Journal: Write yourself a love letter - focus on the things you love about yourself

Playlist: Add a song that vibes with your photo from this week

Extra Arts/Crafts/Fun: Using only the canvas and orange and green paints you picked up a few weeks ago, create a painting!

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Verb. 1) Pertaining to the behavior of being a Wittwer. 2) Doing odd things that only Wittwers would do. 3) Catchall phrase for the thoughts and actions of Patrick Wittwer.

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