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The House on the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

In a fantasy novel filled with magic, wonder, and characters with fantastic powers, the true magic here lies in the metaphor. There are few things in this world more beautiful than a found family, and never has the story of such a family been told so beautifully. From the group of adults nurturing the potential of the outcasts in their care to the untethered delight you will feel from a button or a bellhop, this tale is a brilliant story of love, family, and celebrating what makes us unique. I can’t recommend this book enough - there may be a lesson or two worth learning for you as you enjoy the book or, if you relate to any of the folks who call the house in the cerulean sea their home, you deserve the happiness and warmth this story will bring.


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Verb. 1) Pertaining to the behavior of being a Wittwer. 2) Doing odd things that only Wittwers would do. 3) Catchall phrase for the thoughts and actions of Patrick Wittwer.

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